Stylish olive and fuchsia short split-neck dress


Traditional Ikat fabrics are enjoying increasing popularity with the world’s top fashion houses. The colourful designs are the result of a complex labour of love that entails binding and dyeing the silk and cotton yarns before they are woven. To produce a rich 3-tone fabric like the one used to make this gorgeous dress, the yarns are ‘tie-dyed’ more than once, and it takes a truly skilled dyer to get the pattern right. Maison d’Ouzbekistan is proud to work with some of Uzbekistan’s best designers, dyers, weavers and tailors to bring you a range of clothing that is a perfect blend of ancient tradition and modern flair.

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An eye-catching ikat dress with flattering belt and handy hip pockets made of ikat fabric with a bold olive and fuchsia pattern.

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